Sweet puppy sounds woke us the next morning as our new additions began stirring in the puppy playpen. We carried the pups downstairs to the living room, the designated playroom. Arriving home well past midnight, the puppies were not given much time to explore their new environment.  Now, in the early morning light, they were eager to wander around and play with their new toys.

pups first day -play time

Before picking up the puppies in Oklahoma, I wondered if they would show any signs of separation anxiety once removed from their mother.  Watching them frolic and prance around the room, the puppies did not appear to be missing anyone!  A close-knit pack, the pups stayed close together while playing and when exhaustion set in they curled up in a snug little pile.

pups first day - nap

A few family members were asked to stop by for a visit, but we did not give an explanation for the invitation.  They were certainly not expecting to walk into our home and see a litter of puppies! After recovering from the initial surprise, our relatives took turns holding the pups as we told them about the search for a puppy related to Twinkie and the events that followed.

mom and s meet pups

MomMom and Aunt Sheila

dottie meets pups


Once everyone had left it was just the two of us and our sweet puppies, a perfect little family.