Our pack of puppies had yet to be named. Bob and I created a list of names weeks earlier and at one point I even joked that we had to take the whole litter because our list was so long. We wanted to give the pups unique names and some of those on our list included Tahoe, Cherokee, Rubicon, and Indy.  The list was narrowed down to three names and now we had to decide which pup would get which name.

pink pups2 pink pups3

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Aspen was the name selected for the red Min Pin.  The larger black and tan Min Pin was named Malibu. Quest was the name given to the smallest member of the pack.  There is significance behind each of the chosen names.  Malibu and Aspen are places that we love and located in our two favorite states, California and Colorado.  Searching for a puppy related to Twinkie, we were dedicated and hopeful while on our journey to find that special dog. We were on a quest, hence the given name.

Since naming our dogs, we have learned that there are other Miniature Pinschers named Aspen and Malibu, but we have yet to meet another dog, of any breed, named Quest.