TBT Signs of the Season

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Merry Day-After Christmas

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Christmas Eve Memories

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Happy Birthday to My Girls

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Happy Birthday to my Malibu –  She turns 15 today! 

Malibu continues to love taking long walks, performing tricks, and showing off her agility moves in the backyard (she doesn’t know I lowered the height of her dog walk and teeter for safety purposes, lol).

It’s a bittersweet day, but I’m so grateful to still have Malibu with me.

Malibu still rocks the head tilt when I say, “cookie.” 
5th Birthday

TBT Batsto Village November 2018

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First Weekend in December

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For many years, the first weekend in December meant one thing – a holiday photo shoot with my dogs. My goal was always the same – to capture the perfect photo for our annual Christmas card. A theme would be selected. Outfits and sometimes props would be organized. Some years I would take a group photo of the girls, and other years, individual shots would be taken. It was a weekend I looked forward to each year.

The long-standing tradition ended in 2020. Because it was the last December I would have all three girls still with me. The following summer Aspen passed away. I knew then that there would be no more holiday photo shoots. No more gathering the girls and dressing them in festive clothing or costumes. No more positioning them just right. No more taking photo after photo with tasty treats nearby to keep the girls focused on me. No more searching for the image that outshined the rest.

But I did have another project planned the first weekend of December in 2021. I planted flower seeds. When I received Aspen’s urn there was a tiny package of wildflower seeds included in the box. The instructions showed the best time for planting was late fall.

I wanted the flowers to grow in a very special area. One of Aspen’s favorite places in our home was the front windows of our living room. She would sit there for hours looking outside and waiting for something to happen. Under those windows was an empty flower bed. It was the perfect spot. I have no green thumb but did my best in following the directions.

Exactly six months later, the first flower appeared. It was the only one to bloom, but I was grateful to have it.

Last weekend, the first one in December, I had a new packet of seeds to plant. This time it would be in honor of Quest.

I planted her seeds in the same location as Aspen’s.

I hope to see flowers in the spring. Maybe I will see two blooms, instead of a single one.

Happy Howloween

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TBT August 2018

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Even during the dog days of summer, the kids were never fond of getting wet. But I could always lure them in with a treat. Once I took the photo, everyone was outta the pool.

: )

TBT July 2008

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Puppies can be afraid of ordinary objects. The pictures capture the first time my then 7-month-old puppies see this ordinary object. I’m not surprised that Aspen was the first to touch the ball. She was always the most fearless of the three. : )

TBT Telluride 2008

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Taking three puppies on vacation is not for the faint of heart. When we took our trio with us on a trip to Colorado, we needed to find outlets for their boundless energy. This soccer field in Telluride was the perfect place to let the girls run wild. We had one escapee (Malibu!), but Bob caught her and brought her back. Never a dull moment!

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