The moment we had been waiting for had finally arrived – we were about to meet our puppies! With excitement and joy that could  barely be contained, we quickly pulled up and parked next to the truck that held our precious Min Pins.  The breeder and his mother got out of the vehicle and introductions were exchanged.  The breeder opened the truck’s rear door and began handing over the puppies. “They’re ornery”, he declared as he placed the litter, one by one, into our outstretched arms.  Bob and I were overcome with emotion knowing that we were holding pups of Twinkie’s bloodline.

After saying good-bye to the breeder and his mother we brought the pups into the car and stared at them in amazement. They were ours! The puppies seemed to be filled with joy as well. Pouncing on us with pure delight, the pups were eager to shower us with affection.

meeting pups 1meeting pups 7

meeting pups 2

After about fifteen minutes, we secured the pups into the carrier and headed back to the hotel.  We were staying next to the airport and had a couple of hours before we needed to check-in for our flight home.

In the hotel room, it was puppy playtime and Bob was the main attraction!  We did not want to risk any of the puppies falling off of the bed so we spread a comforter out on the floor.  Bravely lowering himself down into the puppy zone, Bob was immediately “attacked” by three energetic Min Pins.  The pups took great pleasure in climbing all over Bob and getting to know the man who would become Daddy.

playing with daddy

playing with daddy2

It was not long before the tiny trio became sleepy and ready for a nap.

meeting pups 3meeting pups 4









Finally, it was time to get ready for our flight home. Airline regulations stipulate that a carrier may contain only two dogs so we brought two carriers in case the policy was enforced.  Hoping to not have to put one pup alone in a carrier, we were relieved that all three pups were allowed to stay together in the same carrier.

meeting the pups 5

There was a bit of a delay before we were able to board the plane, but the real delay was once we were seated on the plane. Just prior to departure, the pilot announced that a snowstorm in Chicago, our destination, would keep us grounded for an indefinite amount of time.  Although we were on a full size plane, there were only about fifteen  passengers.  Those who fly know what a difference that makes when you are in this type of situation!  Ninety minutes later we were cleared for take-off.  After a brief layover in Chicago, we were back in the air with a plane now filled to capacity.  A huge sigh of relief was exhaled as the plane touched ground in Philadelphia.  The pups had slept since we boarded the plane in Tulsa!

meeting pups 6

The past couple of days had been a whirlwind. Almost midnight, it was time to take our puppies home.