When I started this blog back in September I planned to post at least once a week.  Well, life with multiple Min Pins is hectic,  hands-on, and basically a full-time job.  I am still filling in the background storyline, but hope to speed things up:)  Of course, that depends on how crazy and chaotic life is with my Min Pins!

It was finally time to fly to Oklahoma and pick up our puppies.  Driving to the airport we were full of anticipation, knowing that we would be meeting the pups the next day.  Since there are no direct flights from Philadelphia to Tulsa, we had to first fly to Dallas.  In Dallas, we would have a brief layover before making a connecting flight to Tulsa.  Arriving at the gate, we learned that our flight to Dallas would not be departing on time.  Worry began to set in immediately because we already had just a small window of time between landing in Dallas and leaving for Tulsa.

Boarding the plane did not give us any sense of relief.  We had lost a lot of time and there was no guarantee that we would make our connecting flight.  When the plane finally landed in Dallas, we sprinted through the airport and arrived at the gate within minutes of boarding time!  Once we were Tulsa bound we finally breathed sighs of relief.

The next morning we were scheduled to drive to the breeder’s house to pick up the puppies.  At the last-minute, the breeder unexpectedly called us to say that she would meet us halfway.  We felt that it was kind of strange, but she was insistent.  We were disappointed because we had hoped to meet the parents of the puppies, but what choice did we have?  Our meeting was arranged to take place at the Cherokee Casino in Catoosa at a specified parking lot location.

We arrived early and waited.  The scheduled time came and went.  We began to wonder if we were parked in the correct location.  Finally, the breeder called and after a brief conversation we realized that we had been waiting in the wrong place.  With our updated directions, we drove around to the other side of the casino and quickly spotted the breeder’s vehicle.  The moment we had been waiting for was here.  Bob and I were about to meet our puppies!