The month of January was a flurry of activity.  Our two puppies would be here soon and much had to be done to prepare for their arrival.  The puppies were to be picked up when they turned eight weeks so I quickly booked our flight, hotel, and rental car.  Shopping for puppy supplies was fun – toys, sweaters, blankets, bowls – two of everything!  A crate, baby gates, and a travel carrier were also ordered.  Puppy training books were purchased and read.  Appointments were made for the puppies’ first visit to the veterinarian.

We communicated with the breeder, via email and telephone, on a regular basis to receive puppy updates.  Included in some of the updates were photos.   The puppies were growing so quickly!  Looking at the photos one evening, I told Bob that we should purchase all three pups.  “What’s one more?” I asked him jokingly, since I was only half serious.  “No, we are not getting three puppies”, Bob replied.

After bringing up the idea of taking the whole litter, I started thinking about it more seriously.  Why  not take all three puppies? How could we leave one behind? I brought the subject up again while Bob and I were looking at the latest puppy photos.

sisters007 (2)

sisters008 (2)

sisters012 (2)

Bob was against the idea from the beginning, stating that it would be too expensive to have three dogs.  He was right and I knew it.  It did not help matters when the breeder sent this adorable picture of one of the black pups with a caption that spoke volumes.

pup005 (2)

Am I the one going to New Jersey?

Several more half-hearted attempts were made to see if I could change Bob’s mind, to no avail.  He was not budging and part of me agreed.  I  dropped the idea and focused on the thought of raising just two puppies.  The case was closed, or so I thought.  One evening, out of the blue, Bob announced that we should purchase the third puppy.  I was shocked and convinced that he was pulling my leg.  He insisted that I call the breeder to let her know that we wanted all of the pups.  For several hours we discussed the idea and I finally realized that Bob was being sincere.   He really did want the third pup!

I did not call the breeder until the following day since I wanted to sleep on it and be sure that Bob was not going to change his mind.  The breeder was thrilled that the sisters would be staying together.  So, two puppies became three.