We had found our puppy – with Twinkie’s bloodline!  My first reaction was to contact the breeder immediately, but I knew that Bob and I needed to first have a serious discussion.  Although we had been anxiously waiting for a response from the breeder, we did not expect the initial response to include news that a puppy could be ready for us in six weeks!  Our original plan was to welcome a new puppy in late spring or early summer.  This new information changed everything.

The news appeared almost too good to be true.  Not only did the breeder have three puppies related to Twinkie, but more would be born in February!

The next day we contacted the breeder to learn more about the precious litter.  Our first inquiry regarded the exact relationship between Twinkie and the recently born puppies.  Bob and I were overcome with emotion when we found out that the puppies were Twinkie’s nieces.  The father of the litter, The Big Buzzooka, is Twinkie’s brother!   Setting out on this quest to find a puppy related to Twinkie, never in our wildest dreams did we think we would find a puppy so closely related to our beloved dog.

We knew that we were getting a puppy, but from which litter? Another litter, also fathered by The Big Buzzooka, was due in April.  Our biggest decision was whether to get a puppy in February from the current litter or wait until April to get one that was to be born in February.  We had concerns about waiting for the next litter.  We knew that we wanted a girl of stag red color, like Twinkie.  What if the February litter had no girls?  What if the puppies were all black? A host of other issues crossed our minds as we went back and forth over this dilemma.

After much discussion we decided that the current litter was the one from which we would select our puppy.  Well, make that puppies.  Twinkie had been an only dog.  Bob and I often wondered if she would have been happier had there been another dog in our family.  Two puppies could keep each other company and grow up together.  We called the breeder and told her that we would purchase two puppies. Our pick up date was scheduled for the second week in February when the puppies would turn eight weeks old.  We couldn’t believe that this was really happening!

The breeder sent us adorable pictures of the puppies and we knew immediately that we had made the right choice.  This special litter was meant to be and two of the puppies would be ours in six weeks!

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