It’s official! I am on summer vacation!! After the craziest school year ever, I am ready to relax and decompress with my fur kids. Ideally, late June to September isn’t the best time to be off in terms of weather. If I were in charge of the school calendar and could pick my months, I would choose September and October. Those months have fantastic weather with cooler temperatures and lower humidity. Basically, perfect weather for my dogs. But, I’ll take what I can get and make the most of it.

I lucked out this year and my first week of vacation was cooler than average. The fur kids enjoyed many walks and hanging out in the backyard. We even took them to Bass River State Park for a couple of evening walks. That never happens this late in June. Typically, we don’t go there after Memorial Day.

Bass River State Park
Aspen is our front-seat dog. I sit in the backseat to maintain law and order.

Quest loves to peek over the top of the window. When it’s time to exit the park, the windows are raised.

Here’s to hoping New Jersey has a summer full of days in the low 70’s and cool, autumn-like evenings!