IMG_2749My dogs are full of crap. Literally. All three of them are totally full of it. And guess who gets to clean it up? Yep, that would be mostly me. My husband is definitely a part timer when it comes to scooping poop. How such tiny dogs can create so much poop astounds me. Where does it even come from? Well, I know where it comes from, but how do they stockpile so much of it?

Since puppyhood my Min Pin crew has kept me ever vigilant whenever they are outside in our backyard. It seems like one of them is always about to poop, is pooping, or has just pooped. Therefore, I am on a constant state of poop patrol. Poop must be dealt with immediately, or else. (If inquiring minds want to learn why this is an urgent matter, read my post, Dirty Little Secret.) Luckily, we live on a wooded lot and can just toss poop on the other side of our fence. It is much more convenient than bagging all of their poop.

Speaking of bagging poop, on walks I carry plenty of poop bags. I can’t just simply leave my house with a couple of poop bags in my pocket like a normal person out walking their dogs. If I am taking just two of my dogs out for a thirty minute stroll I can easily return with seven (yes, that is 7) poop bags. To be fair, some of the bags may only hold the tiniest piece of poop, but I am a follower of our township ordinance and pick up anything that can be picked up. Of course, some poop just can’t be picked up if you know what I mean. That does happen frequently and I always feel guilty about it. If I could carry my garden hose on walks with me, I would.


One of my biggest pet peeves in life is when fellow dog walkers do not pick up after their dog. How difficult is it to bend over and pick up your dog’s crap? And I don’t want to hear excuses about not having a bag or that poop bags are too expensive. In a pinch, I have used an empty Starbucks cup (My apologies for that visual 😳). My point is that you do not have to spend any money in order to pick up poop. Be creative and find something that works for you.

Myself, I like a sturdy poop bag. I don’t want anything too thin or flimsy. I usually buy a ten or twelve pack of bags and they last for awhile. The latest bags are even scented. Honeysuckle, I believe. That may come in handy for a random bag of poop that gets left in my car overnight. That happens at least once a month because our local state park has a “carry trash out” policy. So being the law abiding citizens that we are, after a nice walk my husband and I pack up the dogs and their poop into the vehicle. Once home, bagged poop is sometimes forgotten about and left in the back of my SUV. The next day, upon opening my vehicle’s door a noxious odor hits me, and I immediately remember the forgotten poop. Ugh!

With our dogs being such avid poopers it is not easy to take them places that are populated with many people. Due to their reactive behavior we try to walk in areas that are desolate anyway so it works out for the best.


Cheesequake State Park – April 2017


If you happen to see me while I am walking my dogs you will easily recognize me because I am the one with leashed Min Pins in one hand and multiple bags of poop in the other hand. Feel free to say, “Hello!”