Miniature Pinschers are notorious for their Houdini-like escape skills and last week a fine example of this talent was televised for the world to see. A Min Pin named Timmy stole the hearts of viewers during the National Dog Show which aired on Thanksgiving. The tiny dog did not win the competition, but created more media buzz than Nathan, a Bloodhound, who was named Best in Show.

During the Toy Group segment of the competition, Timmy slipped off of his lead and ran to the center of the ring while another dog in his group was being gaited. “An intruder has crossed the ring”, chuckled one of the commentators who appeared to take great delight in this unexpected event. The handler of Timmy was less than thrilled as she walked across the ring, scooped up the naughty dog, and carried him away.  As the horrified handler left the ring with Timmy secured in her arms, a commentator made a spot on remark, “Living with a Miniature Pinscher is comparable to living with a two-year old child”.  Just to remind you, I have three of these dogs!

Pinscher Pinches Spotlight at National Dog Show