King of the Toys with fearless animation and spirited presence is how the American Kennel Club describes the Miniature Pinscher.  The Miniature Pinscher Club of America calls this breed “dynamite in a small package”.  If that is the case, my house could explode at any moment!  Life with Min Pins is both entertaining and exhausting. Min Pins will keep you on your toes and have you laughing at their crazy antics.  While my Min Pins share common breed traits, each of them has their own unique personality.


Aspen is my stag red Miniature Pinscher and the most hyperactive of the three.  She is also the loudest, barking at her sisters, the neighbor’s dogs, birds, squirrels, and anything else that grabs her attention.  Aspen is my bravest Min Pin, truly fearless, attempting courageous acts that have her sisters standing on the sidelines watching with wonder.  Extremely affectionate, Aspen loves to snuggle.  She tends to be a loner and independent, marching to her own beat.  Aspen makes me laugh and I cherish my time with her.


Highly suspicious of strangers and slow to warm up to people, Malibu is my cautious canine.  She is clever and gets into the most mischief.  One of Malibu’s favorite activities is digging up rocks in the backyard.  These “treasures” are then brought into the house by Malibu via the doggie door. Malibu is also our resident shredder.  Please don’t have the misfortune of dropping a scrap of paper or any small item on the floor.  Malibu will grab it and run in the other direction before you can even blink!  Malibu is my buddy and we share a very special bond.


Quest is my tiniest Min Pin, weighing just 6 lbs., but don’t let her diminutive stature fool you.  A wolf in sheep’s clothing, Quest does not let her larger sisters push her around and will challenge dogs ten times her size.  Quest loves playing with toys that squeak.  After receiving a new squeaky toy Quest will drag it into her den (crate) and usually  “kills” it within minutes.  Quest’s chief goal in life is to please me as she continuously seeks reassurance and my approval.  I adore Quest and spending quiet moments with her fills my heart with complete joy.

My Min Pins may be small, but they are mighty!    With larger than life personalities, my girls have turned my world upside down, but I could not imagine life without them.